Our approach is one of a kind. Kellify distinguishes itself by its scalable technology which can be applied to several markets. Indeed, our AI always lays one step ahead predicting profitable investments and providing meaningful information to manage and hedge the risk From admixture of FinTech, insurtech, and trading (commodities), a useful app arises for those who strive to take advantage of an extremely favorable competitive position: making early predictions on market trajectories, trends and values. 

Our algorithm is able to identify in the illiquid markets the rational, irrational and emotional characteristics that favor the liquidity of artworks or collectibles, and uses them to provide insights in order to make informed decisions, bridging the gap between the ponderable -quantitative-, and the imponderable -emotional and aesthetic- approaches. 

Moreover, in the equity and commodity markets (“Augmented Finance”) Kellify helps to supercharge human ability to derive meaning from data, leveraging the power of collective intelligence and AI to capture subtle phenomena and to surface the insights that matter. This approach enables to remove misleading information by being totally bias-free.

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